The Food Influencer

Going to the next level

A thriving, successful food influencer felt that after eight years they had reached their skill limit and couldn’t take the website any further.

Starting with a full web presence audit, I reviewed both technical and creative SEO providing a clear plan for the website developers and content writers to restructure and rewrite the existing content.

The next step was to review rival food influencers, providing a SWOT analysis of particular influencers in the UK and USA. The objective of this research was to identify potential subject trends that had not hit the UK. Reviewing several data streams, we had some clear targets including ‘overnight oats‘ (see trend graphic).

From the analysis, working with the client’s team, I created a new content strategy for the next twelve months – with a view to raising ad income and traffic to the website.

By targeting these international content gaps and potential future food trends, the website saw huge increases in traffic and experienced a 78.56% increase that provided a further 106% increase in ad revenue.  My client was offered further sponsorship deals based on the results.


  • SEO Audit
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Trend Projections


  • 78.56% increase in traffic from 1.09m to 1.82m visitors per year
  • 106% Increase in Ad Revenue