Why Skellig are Digital Marketing Consultants

Many companies understand the importance of having a digital marketing strategy that is fit for purpose in a rapidly evolving tech and media landscape.

Whilst some are happy to go it alone, there comes a point in time when many brands realise their digital campaigns could be better, have greater reach and impact, and make better use of the huge possibilities available for growing your business online.

But knowing that you need a digital strategy that is on-point is one thing, the question is how do you make it happen? One option is to hire a digital marketing consultant to come in and help you transform your digital marketing strategy. Some people might think approaching a digital marketing agency is the way to go, and other people aren’t sure what the difference is between the two.

So let’s dive in and find out…

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is a specialist in online marketing. We know how to use digital technology to help your brand reach an audience that is receptive to your products and services. We examine your existing strategy and give you advice on how to make it more effective, and we discover opportunities that will help you create more value.

What does a Digital Marketing Consultant do?

The job of a digital marketing consultant is to look at the way you are currently marketing your business or organisation online, and make recommendations on how you can improve your digital campaigns, or what you can do differently.

We can help you build a customised digital marketing strategy from scratch, or fine-tune your existing strategies. The “consultant” part of the job means that there is no one-size fits all approach to helping you get results from your digital marketing efforts. Just like when you take your car in for a service we need to take a look under the hood to diagnose what’s wrong.

It might be that your approach to digital marketing is simply not working, or that you are not making the most of the incredible potential digital marketing offers you in terms of generating more sales and growing your business.

Sound Familiar?

If you want to know more about the benefits of working with a digital marketing consultant let’s schedule a free initial consultation today.

    What does Skellig do?

    I’ve been digital marketing for over 20 years, helping brands get the most out of a rapidly morphing online world.

    I helped companies get their heads around the possibilities of Google the very month it was launched. Before that I was immersed in the “traditional marketing” world of display and print advertising. Many marketers struggled to get to grips with the advent of digital marketing (and lots still do) but I was fortunate enough to see the potential… and I haven’t looked back.

    Since 1998 I’ve been using and refining a suite of tools and approaches to online marketing such as data analysis, content marketing and digital PR. But I’m not just about fancy strategies and Big Picture Thinking, I use practical, evidence-based tools to get you results, from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on search engines, to Paid Social and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

    How is a Digital Marketing Consultant different to an agency?

    Many people get confused about the difference between a digital marketing consultant and a digital marketing agency, and that’s understandable.

    In a nutshell: consultants are typically well-connected individuals with a wealth of strategic knowhow they can leverage to bring value to your brand. Agencies on the other hand tend to be larger operations with a narrower focus. Let’s look at the differences in more depth.

    Consultants take a different approach than agencies

    A digital marketing agency are in the business of delivering campaigns for brands, and usually have a set range of offerings that they attempt to sell to clients. When a company wants to promote new products or services they will either create a digital marketing campaign in-house, or they will hire a digital marketing agency.

    In contrast, a digital marketing consultant takes a more strategic, flexible approach. We look under the hood of your current digital marketing operations and offer advice and implementation to get it firing on all cylinders. We’re not interested in selling a pre-determined marketing package to our clients, instead we work as a trusted expert advisor, able to step in at any point of the process and offer our strategic insight.

    Consultants work on a different scale

    Digital marketing agencies are usually large-scale operations with a big team, each with different specialisations. They are highly hierarchical, and often bureaucratic. They add value by operating at scale. They are a good way for large businesses to outsource the heavy lifting required by some digital marketing campaigns, but they don’t usually offer any long-term strategic insight for brands.

    Digital marketing consultancies, by contrast, offer brains over brawn. They are often run much more lean and agile operations than agencies. For example, the Skellig digital marketing consultancy largely consists of me, Martin Jeffrey, though I do work with my own trusted team when needed. But this doesn’t limit the size of clients I work with. A major client of mine is one of the biggest family entertainment companies in the world, and they’ve been with me for 17 years. If a digital marketing agency had only one or two people on their team they wouldn’t have much to offer.

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      One Point of Contact

      Another big benefit of working with a digital marketing consultant rather than an agency is that you get one point of contact to work with, usually the consultant themself.

      This means you always know who to get in contact with, and you know that you are talking to the person who will be bringing value to your brand, rather than having to fight to reach the person in charge.

      Consultants are fully accountable

      With a single point of contact also comes greater accountability. As a consultant I’m not able to pass the buck if I don’t perform to your expectations. The buck stops with me, and I’m fine with that because I take great pride in the results I generate for my clients.

      What is it like to work with a digital marketing consultant?

      When you work with a digital marketing consultant we look at your business model and think about the best way to help you reach your target audience. We uncover your brand’s potential and advise you on how you can put your best foot forwards.

      Better execution of your marketing objectives

      We discuss your company’s goals with you and how best you can achieve them, helping you effectively market your brand online by engaging your existing customers and finding new ones. By analysing your existing or prior digital marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC and Content Marketing, we help you discover how you can make more effective use of them. If you are not using a strategy we think could work well for your brand, we will brief you on the best way to implement it.

      Building a more coherent strategy

      We will help you get each element of your digital marketing work together in a coherent way. For example, you can strengthen your social campaigns by linking them up to your blog output, or drive people from your website to your email newsletter with a well-designed landing page, and so on.

      Full-Spectrum Branding

      All effective digital marketing requires brand consistency at every level so that you make the biggest, and most memorable, impact on your audience possible. This is a big reason why brands get so much out of working with a digital marketing consultant.

      SEO that doesn’t miss a trick

      We can implement an SEO audit of your company to make sure you are making the most of searchability, and ensure that you don’t fall foul of the dreaded Google algorithm. In fact we help show you how Google can be your friend if you have a proper understanding of their priorities.

      Why should you work with a digital marketing consultant?

      There are many reasons why you should work with a digital marketing consultant, but let’s take a look at some of the best.

      You stay ahead of the curve

      The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly. It’s easy for brands to get left behind using outmoded strategies. It is the job of all good digital marketing consultants to stay ahead of the curve in current developments in digital marketing theory and practice.

      You benefit from our experience with other brands

      Because we work with a range of companies we have a deep insight into how other brands operate. Whilst all the work we do is strictly confidential, we know what works, and what doesn’t, from practical experience. Working with a digital marketing consultant can ensure your company has a digital strategy that competes with the best brands out there. With a skilled consultant you can rest easy knowing our advice is tried and tested.

      You get scalable services

      When you hire a digital marketing consultant we will present you with solutions that make sense for your aims and objectives. We identify the gaps and blindspots in your digital marketing and give you advice on how to build out a more resilient strategy. Perhaps you need to be connected up with trusted industry professionals like web developers or UX designers. We can make use of our wide industry connections to hook you up to the right people. The amount of work we can do for you is scalable based on your current needs, so you are always in control of how much you spend.

      You get access to a wealth of experience

      I’ve spent 20 years building up a wealth of skill and experience in digital marketing. It’s an education that’s priceless. When you work with a digital marketing consultant you are getting access to a level of expertise that can be invaluable for navigating the world of digital marketing, with all its pitfalls and possibilities.

      If you want to know more about the benefits of working with a digital marketing consultant let’s schedule a free initial consultation today.