A Place in the Sun

Taking a brand beyond

When your brand name is also a popular search term, when a client or importantly a potential client tries to find your website, you can be lost in the myriad of results.  My client contacted me to try and resolve this issue, not necessarily with a view to increase traffic but to secure related keywords and phrases. The project became more diverse as the results had to cover both English and Portuguese versions of the website.

The first part of the project was to audit the existing optimisation and website to find the issues causing the lack of ranking.  The audit provided clear instructions for the developer and in-house team to make on-page content and structure changes. At the same time, I focused on pillar content, canonical pages and high-domain authority backlinks.  After six months, the website ranks for all four related keyword and phrases in first position, securing traffic and client searches.

Skills Applied

  • SEO & Auditing
  • Technical & Creative SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Localised Backlinks


  • Four High Difficulty Target Keywords and Phrases Secured. Campaign continuing with new targets and KPIs
  • 43% Percent Increase in Leads